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Hana Froum, RDH



Hana Froum obtained her B.S. from the University of Ma. Amherst in 2000, majoring in psychology, with an emphasis in early childhood development. She completed four years of the dental hygiene program at both New York University College of Dentistry and Hudson Valley Community College, where she received her dental hygiene degree. She has received advanced training and certification to administer local anesthetics, nitrous oxide sedation and to recommended dental hygiene medications, nutritional supplements, and nutrition counseling.

To add, she completed numerous courses, training and certification in advanced dental technologies, including the most up to date tooth whitening techniques and materials. She is an exceptional patient educator and very passionate about helping people understand the importance of their oral health. She has been practicing with Dr. Stuart J Froum for seven years examining, diagnosing and maintaining periodontal and implant dental health in her patients.