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Bad Breath Treatment in NYC


The Interscan Halimeter® is an instrument that helps diagnose and treat chronic bad breath.

Fifty percent of adults suffer from halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath. People who suffer from this problem may see it affect their work, their relationships and other areas of life. What’s worse, often, sufferers don’t even know they have the disease—spouse’s/partners business associates, clients, acquaintances, even friends are often hesitant to tell a person he or she has bad breath. When a person discovers they suffer from Halitosis, they want to know how they got it and what to do about it.
Bad breath can be caused by many factors. Dr. Froum and his staff are experts in determining the source of Halitosis and how to treat it. Causes often vary from person to person. Dr. Froum can identify the source of each patient’s problem and customize treatment based on that diagnosis.

What are the common causes of bad breath? Bad breath is often related to:

  • Periodontal (gum) disease;
  • Cavities;
  • Gum Inflammation; Gingivitis
  • Lack of proper oral hygiene and/or improper use of toothbrushes, floss, mouth rinses, water irrigants devices and/or improper tongue and cheek cleaning;
  • Tonsils and the tongue can also harbor bacteria, causing odor;
  • Certain foods cause malodor in some individuals;
  • Dry mouth from medication, diseases, and even exercise;
  • Certain systemic diseases such as sinus problems, bronchitis, liver cirrhosis, kidney disease, and diabetes to name a few;
  • Mouth breathing;
  • Smoking;
  • Dentures; and
  • Certain medications

Dr. Froum and his staff can determine which of these sources or other potential sources is causing a patient’s bad breath and prepare and customize a treatment plan to target the problem, eliminate odor, and increase freshness. If a patient is not quite sure he/she suffers from Halitosis or has the preliminary stages of Halitosis, Dr. Froum can diagnose the problem, with the use of organoleptic instruments, which can detect malodor, and by asking focused and individualized questions to identify the problems.

Dr. Froum has conducted numerous studies on Halitosis, written about bad breath, lectured on bad breath and has a proven record of helping many individuals overcome this problem.