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Gum Contouring in NYC


Many times an overgrowth or overabundance of gum tissue makes one appear to have a “gummy smile”. This makes the teeth look small and unaesthetic. Dr. Froum performs 2 types of gum contouring: cosmetic contouring and functional contouring. In both cases the goal is to reshape the gum tissue to show the natural teeth and produce a symmetrical smile. This can be accomplished with no changes to the natural teeth, around crowns or around teeth prior to laminates or crowns. Gum contouring can also make crowns, laminates (veneers) and/or bridges look more natural. The procedure is done with a scalpel or laser depending on the type and amount of excessive gums.

Functional crown lengthening is a procedure where gum tissue is removed or repositioned to expose normal tooth structure below a tooth cavity or tooth fracture. This can save the tooth and allows the dentist to restore the tooth with a crown, veneer or filling.