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Treatments for Older Adults


Bad oral habits can be very harmful to your teeth and the muscles in your jaw. Many people have bad habits that over time can ruin even the best of smiles. They can be responsible for tooth wear, spacing, chipping and fracture of tooth structure that can ruin a perfectly healthy smile. Bad oral habits can also cause headaches, jaw pain, back pain and joint problems.

Although many people may not be aware of these harmful habits, since many begin at childhood, they can damage your teeth and body.

Research studies from the Journal of American Dental Association and Acta Medica Austriaca have shown that when your bite is off, muscle tension in the jaw can be compensated by muscles in other parts of the body which can lead to back pain, arthritis, headaches, pain in the legs and pain in the neck and shoulders. If you suffer from back pain and feel that your bite is not comfortable, please contact our New York Periodontist Dr. Stuart Froum in his Manhattan office at 212-586-4209.

Below are some oral habits that can alter a person’s smile and overall appearance:

  • Grinding and Clenching Teeth
  • Smoking (cigarettes, pipes, cigars and chewing tobacco)
  • Frequent mouth breathing
  • Cheek and/or lip biting
  • Continually holding objects with the teeth like keys, glasses, toothpicks, etc
  • Fingernail biting