About Stuart J. Froum, DDS

Stuart J. Froum, DDS, is a modern dental practice led by a highly experienced periodontist and master clinician. Dr. Froum’s practice is proud to provide the most comprehensive and advanced cosmetic, periodontal, implant, and laser treatments available to patients throughout New York City at his Midtown Manhattan office.

As an award-winning periodontist, Dr. Froum is an expert in saving teeth that have decayed due to gum disease. He is also highly experienced in dental implantology and is world-renowned for treating dental implant complications.

Dr. Froum takes a holistic approach to dentistry. Not only does he provide overall examinations of your dental health, but he also takes your medical history and lifestyle habits into account when treating conditions like periodontal disease, worn down teeth, and tooth loss. Dr. Froum understands that every patient has different goals and budgets when seeking dental care. That’s why he offers several surgical, nonsurgical, and medicinal treatments to suit any patient.

Whether patients come into the office for teeth whitening, veneers, periodontal disease treatment, a halitosis diagnosis with the Interscan Halimeter®, or dental implant restorations, Dr. Froum has the cutting-edge technology, skill, and experience to meet every patient’s unique needs. Call Stuart J. Froum or schedule a visit online today to learn more.


Words from our patients

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    The most professional office with compassionate careful staff!

    Arlene Falk
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    A++ implant. Dr Stuart Froum is the best!...The staff is the friendliest and nicest people in NYC!!!

    Dawn Fishman
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    Wonderful care and service from the entire staff. Dr. Froum has provided me with the best care since my first visit. I would highly recommend him...

    Francois Drouin
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    Dr Froum and his staff are the most wonderful people. They really care about you but that’s secondary. Dr. Froum and his staff are also experts...

    Emily S. Rosen, LCSW
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    ... Dr. Froum's patient for 33 years... He is an amazing periodontist - brilliant and knowledgeable, caring, and horough. His office staff and hygienists are wonderf

    Susan Page
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    ...Dr. Froum's thoroughness really made me realize how insufficient my previous care has been. The staff is friendly / like family...

    Micah Ross
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    Dr Froum is the greatest and has the best staff...I would highly recommend!

    Dorian Dreyfuss
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    I've been coming to Dr. Froum's office...He is extremely knowledgeable and his staff is always very attentive and friendly...

    Karen Gomez
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    The nicest and friendliest staff on the planet!!...They're so gentle and so good that I've rarely, if ever, felt an ounce of pain during a procedure...

    Gina Buchanan
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    Amazing doctor. So smart, great staff, zero wait time. I've been going to Dr Froum for 20 years and counting. Love him!

    Brad Alexander
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    Dr. Froum, the staff and the team are stellar. Their knowledge, intent patient care, and proactive nature is refreshing.

    Gregory Borofsky
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    Highly, highly recommend. Dr. Froum is very knowledgable, patient and kind...

    Colleen D
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    Dr. Froum is the best without him we would be toothless.

    Catherine Tierney
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    ...Dr. Stuart Froum is an expert, careful, deft practitioner, and is known as a top professor and world renowned expert in all areas of periodontics...

    Lenore Kreitman
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    ...Dr. Froum's skill, efficiency and expertise is beyond reproach. In addition, Dr. Froum is an extremely kind and caring doctor...

    Marjorie Eagan