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Single Tooth Implants

Stuart J. Froum, DDS

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If you’re missing a single tooth, a dental implant is the most natural-looking way to restore your smile and bite. Stuart J. Froum, DDS, offers single tooth implants at his state-of-the-art office in Midtown Manhattan. Dental implants look and function exactly like your natural teeth, so they’re ideal if you’re looking for a low-maintenance tooth replacement option. For more information, call Stuart J. Froum, DDS, in New York City or book an appointment online.

Single Tooth Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that bond to your jawbone after being surgically placed. During the healing process, your jawbone naturally secures the implant in place, so it can effectively support your replacement teeth.

Whether you have one missing tooth, several missing teeth, or you have no natural teeth left in your mouth, dental implants can restore the appearance and function of your smile.

What is a single tooth implant?

A single tooth implant is a dental implant that attaches to a natural-looking dental crown — a tooth-shaped cap that either replaces missing teeth or covers teeth worn by damage.

If you have a single missing tooth, a dental implant is considered an excellent alternative to a dental bridge.

How does a single tooth implant compare with a bridge?

A dental bridge uses the neighboring teeth surrounding your missing tooth to hold your new false tooth in place. During the dental bridge process, Dr. Froum must reduce the two teeth neighboring your missing tooth to fit them for dental crowns. They then connect to a false tooth.

While a dental bridge can replace a missing tooth, it isn’t a permanent solution. Most bridges last 5-15 years. In addition, because a bridge doesn’t replace your natural tooth roots, the bone that previously surrounded the natural root will eventually deteriorate.

Meanwhile, a dental implant screws directly into your jawbone, preserving your tooth-supporting bone. In many cases, a dental implant is a permanent solution to tooth loss. When cared for properly, dental implants can last for 25 years or more.

Furthermore, since an implant doesn’t rely on your neighboring teeth to support your new crown, Dr. Froum doesn’t have to reduce any of your teeth to place an implant.

What happens during the single tooth implant process?

The first step in placing your single implant is determining whether you have enough healthy jawbone to support an implant. After reviewing X-rays and other scans, Dr. Froum may recommend a bone graft to help support the implant.

On the day of the surgery, Dr. Froum administers anesthesia to enhance your comfort during the procedure. Next, he makes a small incision in your gums and surgically inserts the implant down into your jawbone.

It takes approximately 6-12 weeks for your gums and jawbone to fully heal after implant surgery, during which time your jawbone will naturally secure the implant in place. When you return to Dr. Froum’s office, he takes impressions of your mouth to create your new dental crown. Finally, Dr. Froum connects the crown to your implant at your last visit, fully restoring your smile.

If you think you’re a good candidate for dental implants, call Stuart J. Froum, DDS, or schedule a visit online.

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