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Bone Regenerative Rebuilding Procedures in NYC


As teeth with gum disease lose supporting jaw bone they can loosen causing a change in the bite, migration of teeth and eventual tooth loss. Dr. Froum who is a clinical professor and director of clinical research at the Department of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry at New York University Dental College was a pioneer in bone rebuilding procedures to save teeth. He uses the latest materials including bone from the patients mouth or a bone bank with biologics (proteins that speed bone healing) to rebuild lost bone, bone tightening loose teeth and allowing full chewing strength. Dr. Froum has save virtually thousands of teeth with these procedures. Teeth which were told could not be saved and should be extracted and replaced with false teeth or dentures were saved by Dr. Froum and are still functioning in patients mouths. Saving these teeth have allowed esthetic crowns and veneers to be placed on a patient’s own teeth. The old saying “when in doubt pull them out” has been replaced by Dr. Froum with “If you want to save your teeth you can”.