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Non-Surgical Treatments


Research shows the most predictable method of treating early to moderate periodontal disease is by scaling and root planning together with good homecare. Most patients are familiar with these procedures when they go to their dentist for a cleaning of their teeth. However, the scaling and root planning procedure designed to treat periodontal disease utilize a variety of different instruments and procedures. The goal is to remove plaque (film of germs), calculus or tartar (hard calcified formations that you can feel with your tongue) and stains.

Dr. Froum does this with topical ointment that numbs the gums during scaling and root planning. Some sensitive areas may require local anesthetic which is lightly injected in certain gum areas after the topical ointment is applied.

Newer techniques use antimicrobial microspheres that are placed with light pressure in areas of infection or deeper pockets (spaces under the gums). Such material is called Arestin and has been found to make non-surgical treatment more effective.

Another medication that is used is an antibiotic pill which increases the resistance of the gums to breakdown. It is called Periostat and by Dr. Froum to build up resistance of the gums to plaque attacks.

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