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Teeth Whitening in NYC


Our society has become increasingly interested in looking youthful. One of the first impressions we make is when we smile. Judgments are made about people based on the healthy or diseased appearance of their smile and the whiteness of their teeth. Many times, due to staining substances and/or age, teeth can become yellow, darker and unattractive. Things like tobacco, coffee, tea, cola sodas, wine, poor oral hygiene, and natural aging can cause teeth to darken and look older. Tooth bleaching is a simple and inexpensive method to whiten discolored teeth and make you look younger. This non-invasive tooth whitening procedure is very predictable and provides you with a younger and more appealing smile.

Although there are many products that can be purchased over-the-counter to provide some whitening, they are inferior to the professional whitening offered in the dental office.

In Dr. Froum’s Manhattan dental office, there are two different types of bleaching offered: bleaching done at home and bleaching done in the office. The first type involves making custom trays used with a bleaching solution at home. You would wear the trays with fresh solution for approximately one hour a day. The daily wear is then monitored in Dr. Froum’s office to determine when the teeth have reached the desired result.

The second method of bleaching is performed in-office or chair-side. There are two types of in-office bleaching offered by Dr. Froum. The first technique is called power bleaching and can be performed in approximately one hour. A higher concentration of the bleaching solution is placed on the teeth after a protective coating has been applied to the gums. The solution is refreshed every 5 to 10 minutes to keep the active component bleaching. Another in office technique Dr. Froum utilizes is the GLO Whitening system, which employs patented warming heat and light technology to accelerate and amplify your results, without the sensitivity of some treatments. Studies have shown that with the use of a special light, the amount of whitening will last longer. Dr. Froum will advise you which technique is best for you.

Before & After images coming soon!