I am so lucky to have the greatest periodontist in the world! Thanks Dr. Stu for saving my teeth. And my dog, Brak says thanks for all the treats!

Ken Danshow – Afternoon D.J. , Q104.3

I love Dr. Froum’s office, everyone knows your name. Great service and at how many dental offices can you say your Dr. is your hygienist.

– Silotte

I love Dr. Froum. I had a tooth that was crumbling away and it stressed me out. Now I have a beautiful new tooth and I look like a million bucks. The entire staff in the office was so friendly and welcoming. It’s the most fun dentist office ever.

– Angela Eickhorst

We love Dr. Froum! He is extremely caring, and is by far the most talented dentist! He is the very best and has the warmest, most helpful staff! Thank you, Dr. Froum!

– Linda and Rachel

It was a short-sweet-easy-one step – 3 hours experience with Dr. Stuart Froum – and wala – my Hollywood smile – it could not have been better – what a result! Fantastic!

– Norman King

No one is allowed in my mouth except Dr. Froum.

Betsy Palmer – Actress

If it was not for Dr. Froum and his staff – I would be putting my smile in a glass at night!

– Gleena

If it weren’t for Dr. Froum I wouldn’t have this big smile because all my teeth would be gone. He is the periodontist for the stars for good reason!

– Patient

Being a patient of Dr. Froum’s is a privilege. No matter what periodontal issues you have, you feel assured and confident that you will be getting the most advanced and sophisticated treatment by the most talented and competent practitioner. The office staff makes you feel like part of a family and provides an extremely comforting and caring environment. Believe it or not it’s a pleasure to go there.

– Brooke Moscalo

Dr. Froum sets the highest standard in periodontal care. You will not find more expert care, anywhere. I have been his patient for many years, and have received everything from routine check-ups to the most advanced and intricate surgeries, and I can’t imagine being treated by anyone else. I consider myself extremely lucky to be his patient.

– Tristen Skyler – Actress

Dr. Froum is without question the best periodontist in New York! I came to his office with gums that were receding and badly damaged. Simply put, he made my gums look and feel like new again! This man must be part magician, because there is no sign of scarring or gum grafting. My gums are just beautiful! I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone in need of a periodontist. Everyone in his office is professional and nice – they also do great cleanings! When it comes to teeth and gum health – Dr. Froum is the man to see.

– Jordin Ruderman – Actress / Television Personality

Dr. Froum has been my periodontist for over 5 years. Non-surgical treatments combined with his recommendations for self care have enabled me to improve my oral health to a point where I have been able to avoid surgery. The quality of Dr. Froum’s care and the warmth of his staff make every visit a pleasure. The most difficult part of the dental treatment is the flight from my home in Hawaii.

– Anne Alkire

My tooth implant looks and feels natural. I had the implant surgery and received my new tooth on the same day. I felt totally comfortable and confident under Dr. Froum’s care. His cheerful staff couldn’t be nicer or more helpful. They addressed all of my concerns and made the experience as easy and comfortable as possible.


I am fortunate to be the beneficiary of Dr. Froum’s excellent treatment of my complex dental problems. His attention to the details, required to be a well informed participant in my care, has resulted in a highly satisfactory outcome and optional prospects for dental health for years to come.

– Patient