Mini Dental Implants

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Mini dental implants or Narrow diameter implants (MDIs or NDIs) are implants that have smaller diameters (1.8-2.4mm) than conventional implants (4.0-5.0mm). They are used for smaller spaces where teeth are missing and where an implant is indicated but regular diameters are too large.

They are often used to replace maxillary (upper) lateral incisors (teeth next to the central incisors) or lower front teeth. Manhattan’s top periodontist Dr. Stuart Froum has used these mini dental implants for over 15 years and performed some of the original research which was published in 2007 (Froum et al. Narrow diameter implants: a restorative option for limited inter-dental space IJPRD 2007;27:449-455). These implants are used in patients of any age to support fixed replacement teeth.They are particularly useful in young adults (16–25) with a congenitally (from birth) missing upper lateral incisor tooth or teeth. Research has shown that up to 8% of children are born with one or two missing upper lateral incisors. Instead of complicated orthodontics, fixed bridges that require cutting down good teeth, or Maryland bridges that are attached to adjacent teeth these single MDIs or NDIs can provide a fixed permanent replacement. They allow normal chewing and esthetically look good and feel natural. They are placed together with an immediate temporary tooth in one procedure in approximately 1-2 hours. Dr. Stuart Froum’s original study placed 48 NDIs in 27 patients with a 100% success rate. If you are interested in New York mini implants please call 212-586-4209 for more information for you or your child.

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