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To Probe or Not to Probe Around Implants

November 2-5, 2019
2019 Annual Meeting – American Academy of Periodontology
Chicago, IL

The Prevention, Etiology and Treatment of Dental Implant Complications, Malposed Implants, Mucositis & Peri-Implantitis

June 21-22, 2019
2019 Annual Meeting – Southern Academy of Periodontology
Ritz Carlton, Naples, FL

Clinical Decisions for the Compromised Implant

June 6, 2019
IJPRD, Boston, MA
For more information or to register, please visit: quintpub.com

The Dental Study Club of New York

May 1, 2019

Implant Complications We Never Considered 25 Years Ago When We Placed Implants

November 10, 2018
29th Annual NYU/ICOI Implant Symposium, New York, NY
For more information or to register, please visit: https://dental.nyu.edu/ce/seminars/29th-annual-nyu-icoi-implant-symposium.html

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