Dental Implant Complications

"Dental Implant Complications: Etiology, Prevention, and Treatment"

- Stuart J. Froum (Editor)Dr Stuart Froum | Dental Implant Complications Book Manhattan | New York City | NYC

Book Review

Morton L. Perel, DDS, MScD

The editor of this monumental text, which is sure to become a classic, is also a major contributor along with 49 other clinicians and researchers. There are close to 500 pages of non-repetitive material, all of which is of vital interest to all practitioners of implant dentistry. As the saying goes, “no stone is left unturned,” be it a surgical “stone” or a prosthetic/restorative “stone.”

The 25 chapters are written by a veritable pantheon of implantologists whose names cannot all be listed in this review. Nevertheless, select chapter content reviews follow.

Chapters 2, 3, and 4, as a group, are associated with case planning. In the rush to proceed with clinical procedures, this basic topic is too often glossed over, but not in this text. From implant complications associated with systemic disorders and medications (Rose and Mealey), through complications associated with implant planning (and sometimes because of the lack of planning; Elian, Ehrlich, and Kim), and complications as they may arise with two- and three-dimensional imaging (Ganz), dynamic graphs, and decision trees along with case photographs abound.

Chapters 5 and 6 on implant fractures and implant failures, respectively, are rather brief and not as well referenced as other chapters. Meanwhile, chapter 7 on the subject periimplantitis gives no reference to Roland Meffert who is known for having expertise in this area.

Chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11, as a group, are very well illustrated. From esthetic complications caused by implant malpositions by Chen and Buser, to prosthodontic complications associated with less than optimal implant placement by Cavallaro and Greenstein, to prosthetic-related implant complications by Goodacre and Kattadiyil, and to single implant esthetics, the reader will not be bored. This is solid clinical implant information to which all clinicians can relate.

Then, there are several chapters, actually 12 through 20, which are essentially surgically related. They are all filled with expert advice, excellent photographs, and well-rounded references. From esthetics and adjacent restorations by Tarnow, Cho, and the editor himself, to handling of autogenous bone by Craig Misch (beautiful photographs illustrate the subject), to guided bone regeneration by Fontana, Rocchietta, and Simon, to distraction osteogenesis and osteoperiosteal flaps by Jensen, leading to a chapter by Ganeles and Grossberg on immediately loaded implants, all of the authors share and graphically exhibit complications associated with these procedures.

When the readers arrive at chapter 22, they will be greeted with the title, “A Potpourri of Surgical Complications Associated with Dental Implant Placement: 35 Case Reports-Common Problems, Avoidance, and Management” by Greenstein and Cavallaro. And, as if that were not enough, the book closes with chapter 25 with the title, “Management of Implant Complications by the Experts.” It has 10 cases described by 10 different authors.

Aside from the fact that all chapters relate directly to the subject matter of “complications,” each chapter is referenced and keyed to the body of the text. These are not thrown together as bibliographies. The chapters end with “Take-home hints.” These are bulleted and highlighted in a very readable manner. In essence, this textbook is not only a worthwhile read but also an essential addition and a very welcome addition to the literature of implant dentistry. Dr. Froum has undertaken, compiled, edited, and coauthored a book for which he deserves our collective “thank you.”

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